FullSizeRender-10BaselWorld is starting next week, which is super exciting. One of my favorite things to see is the booths that are created out of independent designers banding together. I love the support they have for one another and how they co-exist in one small space sharing their most prized possessions: their works of art. They have an inherent sense of pride and all are in it for the same reasons. They believe in what they do and put love into each piece that fabricate.

If anyone knows about togetherness it is the Greeks! Last year I met the most amazing group of them. Meet HELLENIC WAVE. The ultra cool octet of uber talented Greek designers made up of the following:

Christina Soubli, Ileana Makri, Michael Pelamidis, Myrto Anastasopoulou, Polina Sapouna-Ellis, Theodoros, Venyx World and Yannis Sergakis Adornments.

The artists dynamically debuted in the Baselworld Jewellery and Watches 2015 Show as Contemporary Greek Designers. Through the potency of creative alliance, they aspire to showcase contemporary Greek fine jewellery design to international markets.

My favorite piece was this incredible dateable fish ring. I wanted to bring it home for my Greek mommy!


Other cool designs included these flexible mesh gold hand adornments. Long gone are the days of just plain gloves. Time to step your game up with real gold ones. LOVE!


I look forward to seeing what they will have this year and spending time at all eight booths!




So So Sophia!

Sofia-Vergara-So-Sofia-Kay-JewelersHollywood’s sexiest latin lady of the red carpet, Sofia Vergara, has partnered with Kay® Jewelers to launch her jewelry collection, aptly named SOFIA VERGARA so Sofia™.

The collection captures the look of fine jewelry at an affordable price. Sofia’s cheerful, vibrant and sultry style shines through many of the pieces in the collection.

She pays homage to her home country of Columbia by inserting hidden hints of emeralds in the sides and under galleries of the jewelry. She has created for the public a collection that showcases her personal taste. She recently donned two pieces of So Sophia, before announcing the line, creating a media frenzy suggesting she had gotten engaged to her beau. A genius PR move on her part to promote the unveling of the line! 

Sofia is about as obsessed with jewels as they come. I have had the pleasure of working with her style team in the past and she is definitely hands on with the accessories that make up her finishing looks.

While you’re not getting the luxurious jewels that Sophia adorns on the red carpet, you can purchase her signature line at a fraction of the cost in sterling silver and 10K gold creations with lab created bold gemstones and genuine diamonds.

The SOFIA VERGARA so Sofia™ collection is available exclusively at select Kay® Jewelers stores or online at kay.com and retails from $230 – $1600 USD.

Kudos Sophia! See some of my picks from the collection here:

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 Shop The SOFIA VERGARA So Sofia Collection