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Get Stoned + Shop Stoned was founded by Callye Peyrovi who holds a BA. in creative writing and communications from the University of Houston and also attended the esteemed Gemological Institute of America. 11052507_10153092271079707_3426966663517608945_n

While working in the entertainment industry and writing for multiple publications, she discovered her knack for interviewing celebrities, building her journalistic persona of Kitty Callye. After being published and featured in the International Library of Poetry, she took up jewelry styling and became a buyer for small boutique. Working on photo and video shoot sets for various artists and celebrity personalities, she developed a unique personal style, morphing herself into the jewelry expert she has become today.

As a little girl she played endlessly in her grandmother’s jewelry armoire fantasizing that it was a treasure trove lifted from the sea and accessorized her grandmother at every chance she got. An unconventional child, she was infatuated with icons such as Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn and Jacqueline Kennedy for their impeccable grace and style, initiating her love affair with jewelry.

Callye now serves as the public relations + marketing director to a globally recognized fine jewelry brand. Additionally, she heads celebrity product placement for the line that has morphed into a red carpet regular, garnering major press and editorial attention internationally.

Read some of Kitty Callye’s favorite journalism work below and see the “Caught in The Act” page for portfolio pics.

Just to name a few…

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Callye is an animal and anti-bullying advocate. She has two rescue pets.

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